Concierge Medicine


Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine

Personalized health care is the wave of the future. While technology is evolving rapidly, medical care is not. Introducing Prodigy Complete, a new way of delivering medical care. Prodigy Complete will give you access to a doctor where ever and whenever you want. Whether you are on vacation with your family, or sitting at home on a weekend , you will have direct access to your personal Physician. Don’t feel like sitting in a waiting room full of sick patients?

Get your lab tests, imaging and prescriptions delivered to you. It has the ultimate convenience factor. All this with top notch healthcare through our concierge model.

Your membership will include benefits such as:

  • Telemedicine consultation
  • Physical Therapy/Training at your location
  • Laboratory at your location
  • Imaging at your location
  • Medications delivered to your door
  • Medical professional home visits

What our team will do:

  • Diagnosis – Board Certified physicians and nurse practitioners will evaluate your condition
  • Acute Treatment – Treatment plans ordered immediately, delivered to you
  • Chronic Management – See the same doctors so they can continue care over the years
  • Prevention – Our doctors ensure you receive timely preventative screening tests
True “white-glove” health care delivered to you for the price of a gym membership. Contact us today to discuss levels of membership!